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Study Abroad Testimonials

This is what some of our students had to say about their study abroad experiences:

Kwabena Offei-Danso - Paris, France

"Being in a foreign country is always something to which I look forward.  It gives me the opportunity to experience different cultures, people and, if fortunate enough, a different language as well.  Being the travel seeker that I am, I eagerly jumped at the chance to study abroad in France twice!  The first time was in the summer of 2003, which was spent in the sunny coast of southern France, in Aix-en-Provence.  The experience was incredible.  More recently, my last study abroad experience was spent studying at the American Business School, which is part of Institut de Gestion Sociale.

student Studying in Paris exposed me to different people and lifestyles while earning credits in a great atmosphere conducive for studies.  Each class at ABS was organized once per week, leaving ample time to complete burdensome projects, socialize, and explore the city. 

I can gladly say that I met some of the most fun people and made great friends in the process.  The city had uncountable sights to see and even four months was not enough time to see them all.  Most importantly, I was able to enhance my French language skills, since I am a French minor.  I can gladly say that I had the time of my life and I would gladly do it all over again."

Kareem Douglas - Tokyo, Japan                           

"Looking back on my year long experience in Tokyo, Japan, I can honestly say that I learned more in those 365 days then I had my entire life.  But getting the most out of a Study Abroad opportunity is about how much you put into your experience - which means it's not for everybody.  Study abroad is for the student who is willing to live outside of his or her personal comfort zones and reach out to the people in whatever country to which he or she travels.

student I gave my study in the Land of the Rising Sun all I had...full immersion.  I actually didn't speak English for nearly 8 months!  Initially, that is the most trying thing about living in another country...getting past the language barrier. 

But being determined to understand what everyone was talking about around me, I spent nearly 2 months nodding my head 'yes' to everything said to me and an occasional 'no,' when it looked like trouble.  I decided not to speak English at all, even if it meant a headache here and there.  I volunteered wherever I could; went on trips with Japanese friends; got into many cultural events: Kabuki, Calligraphy, Karate, Sadou (Tea-Ceremony); and even climbed Mount Fuji Twice!

Eventually it all paid off.  My host family, as well as many friends I had made, gave me credit for the effort I put in and that led to much deeper and meaningful relationships.  That is the real goal of Study Abroad I believe: to form deep and insightful relationships with people from other countries, causing one to grow inwardly and interpersonally.  I recommend Study Abroad to those who are willing to reach down deep within to gain a better understanding of the global village."

Ali Wimer - Seville, Spain                                               

As a study abroad student in Seville, Spain, my entire educational experience has been greatly enriched.  Not only did I improve my Spanish language skills, but through immersion into an unfamiliar culture I also gained insight into a society and lifestyle different from that to which I am accustomed.  My time spent with a host family enhanced my knowledge of the Spanish language and introduced me to colloquial social and political issues.  My Spanish culture class covered the history and composition of Spain and included informational visits to historical cities.

student The city of Seville is definitely one of the most interesting cities in Spain.  Located in southern Spain, this city holds a mixture of cultural heritage.  The Moorish origin and modern-day Catholic influence are appealing aspects of the culture that comprise diverse sentiments of the society. 

Originally the capital of the Moors, Seville was reconquered by Christian rule and stands today in an officially Catholic country.  The expansive history of Spain and its evolution into modern society are probably the most intriguing of all of the aspects of the culture. 

I feel privileged to have visited Seville, Spain.  I learned much from the native Sevillians, as well as the other American students in the program.  For me, to study abroad has been such an influential experience.  I feel that study abroad should be mandatory for all college students, as it enables a student to gain insight on multiple levels.

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