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Financing your eduation at Lincoln University

Lincoln University’s Estimated Cost of Attendance

Scholarship Offered
Lincoln University also provides financial assistance to international students through two different scholarships. The International Scholars Scholarship is awarded for the academic year, beginning in the fall. This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman year and the qualification for the scholarship includes a 3.3 GPA and 1000 and above S.A.T. scores for reading & math combined, or 21 on the A.C.T. The International Scholars Scholarship is renewable annually, with a 3.3 cumulative GPA and 30 earned credits. The Merit-Based Scholarship is made available to students at the end of each academic year, and is awarded to students who have attained at least a 3.0 with 30 semester credits. The Merit Scholarship and International Scholarship can not be combined.

Before admissions to a degree seeking program can be completed, an applicant must document availability of sufficient funds for four academic years of enrollment. The estimated amount required for the 2014-2015 year is $25,994.for undergraduate students Note: Lincoln University cannot assume financial responsibility for international students unless the University has made such a commitment.

The amount listed above seems to be adequate for most international students; however, these figures will vary according to the student’s living accommodations and individual money management. International students are not eligible for financial aid. Students are, however, allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours while school is in session, and up to 40 hours during vacations and holidays. You should be aware, however, that on-campus work opportunities are extremely limited. Graduate students may wish to contact their department advisor for information regarding graduate assistantships.

Annual Direct Costs

Undergraduate Off-Campus
Tuition & Fees $16,113.00 $16,113.00
Room & Board $8686.00 $0.00
Laundry $134.00 $0.00
Insurance & Other Expenses $1061.00 $1061.00
Total $25994.00 $17174.00
All expense estimates are as of July 2013. 
Contact the Office of International Programs for current costs.

A United States education is very expensive. The estimated total cost for 2014-2015 nine-month academic year of study at Lincoln University is $25,994.00, which covers tuition, fees, room and board. A graduate education may be more expensive. There is very little financial assistance for International students to study here with the possible exception of citizens of Canada and Mexico. Most public and private sources are restricted to United States Citizens and permanent resident aliens.

Before an I-20 can be issued to an admitted student, United States immigration law requires Lincoln University to verify that the student has sufficient funds to finance their studies, undergraduate Bachelor’s first time college degree: 4 years; undergraduate Bachelor’s Lower Level Transfer degree: 3-4 years; Undergraduate Bachelor’s upper level transfer degree: 2 years.

You must submit the following information with your application:
  1. Financial Statements
  2. Bank Statement or official letter showing sponsor’s funding, assistantship, scholarship and/or Fellowship award letter that sup-ports your Affidavit of Support. This data must be dated within 6 months of the planned term of entry.
  3. Confirmation of Financial Support (Promissory Note) from financial sponsor (s) that clearly states their intention to sup-port you financially during your entire stay at Lincoln University. Student may have multiple sponsors but the total amount from all sources of funding must exactly match the total required to attend Lincoln University for “all” years of attendance.

Be sure to go over the necessary financing with your sponsor. He or she must realize tuition, fees, room and board are payable on a strict deadline. Your money not only must be here , but also must be cleared by the bank before classes start. Funds from over-seas may take four (4) weeks or more to clear the bank and be usable, so you must plan ahead. A little planning now will save you much worry later.

You should bring bank drafts, traveler’s checks and some cash for immediate personal expenses. Opening a bank account when your arrive will be a priority. Please note that you will be required to pay the remainder of your balance in FULL for tuition and fees, UPON YOUR ARRIVAL TO THE UNIVERSITY to secure your classes.

Student and Exchange Visitor Program: SEVIS I-901 Fee

Instructions for completing form I-901

The SEVIS fee of $200.00 must be paid and fully processed before the applicant arrives at the consulate for the visa I interview. A receipt will be sent to you by mail to the address that you indicate with your payment. Further, for those that pay the SEVIS fee on-line, a payment confirmation can be printed out immediately after the payment is made, and used as a receipt until the mailed receipt is received. Please note that if you are subject to this fee and do not pay it, you will not be issued an F-1 visa for admission to the United States.

You must take the SEVIS fee payment receipt with you for the visa interview. Having a receipt for the SEVIS fee payment will facilitate the visa application process. However, if you are unable to print a receipt from an on-line payment and/or do not receive your mailed receipt in time for your visa interview you can still go to your interview as long as your fee has been processed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Please note that Lincoln University will NOT pay your I-901 fees. This is your responsibility.

For more detailed information on the fee payment process, go to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s website.
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